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A Year in Review: Qualia Dance Collective 2022

As the year comes to a close and we reflect on the new work, inspirations, and moments of connection we had with each other and our audiences, Qualia Dance Collective is incredibly grateful for the opportunities we had to share dance with our community.

Join us in celebrating and reflecting on a year of dance!

JANUARY - MARCH The development of an evening-length new work: "Qualia"

We rehearsed at Berkshire Pulse. Thank you, Berkshire Pulse! Check out rehearsal footage below: February 2022 Rehearsing "Space" March 2022 Rehearsing "Space"

We were featured in the Berkshire Edge Bits & Bytes in March 2022. The full write-up is linked here.

APRIL The premiere of "Qualia" and the official founding of Qualia Dance Collective.

The premiere of "Qualia" was at The Foundry on April 1st.

We were featured on the radio on WAMC's Rogovoy Report. The full broadcast is linked here.

Officially rebranded from Fiona Scruggs Dance to Qualia Dance Collective & launched our new website:

MAY Choreographer Fiona Scruggs restaged the "Time" excerpt from "Qualia" on students at Bard College at Simon's Rock for their Spring Dance Concert.


We performed excerpts of "Qualia" at Chesterwood for Arts Alive! with Emerging Choreographers of the Berkshire Pulse Community. We also worked with dramaturg Hannah Gellman on defining the concept for the "Space" and "Energy" excerpts of this work. Thank you, Hannah!

JULY We had two shows in two states.

We danced the night away at Berkshire Busk in Great Barrington, MA. For recaps of that evening, check out our Instagram page.

Then, in the same weekend, we presented an excerpt of new work "Chiaroscuro" at Choreography on the Edge performance in Kingston, NY.

AUGUST Premiere of "Chiaroscuro" at Chesterwood.

We had a wonderful audience and the loveliest evening dancing in the garden at Chesterwood. “Chiaroscuro” is an evening-length work that draws on art, mannerisms, and narratives of the Baroque. Through a contemporary lens, this Baroque music and movement study juxtaposes le sacré et le profane, or the sacred and common, with the contrast of light and shadow as defined by chiaroscuro.

We were featured in the Berkshire Edge Bits & Bytes.

The full write-up is linked here.

And thank you to Berkshire Pulse for the studio space to rehearse and create "Chiaroscuro."

SEPTEMBER We danced with fellow local choreographers in the Berkshire dance community.

We performed an excerpt of "Chiaroscuro" at the Colonial Theatre with Dancers of the Berkshires. It was such a pleasure dancing in this gorgeous theater. A backstage point of view of the performance is available here.

We performed an excerpt of "Chiaroscuro" at The Foundry in "Ode to...An Evening of Dance," with fellow local choreographers.

OCTOBER We rested and rejuvenated.

NOVEMBER We shared improvisations from an October 2020 project, embracing our roots in the Berkshires and sharing our gratitude for this region.

Fiona's inspiration for this project was connecting with the changing fall foliage in our Berkshire region, seeing it as a time for embracing new beginnings, while also remembering and honoring where you have been and what you have learned. A glimpse of the project is available here.

DECEMBER Choreographer Fiona Scruggs restaged an excerpt of "Chiaroscuro" on students at Bard College at Simon's Rock for their Fall Dance Concert.

Thank you for a beautiful year of dance.

And let's remember the definition of qualia... ...the namesake of this collective, is defined as one’s own individual experience and consciousness. As we go into the new year, we are carrying the qualia of space, time, energy, and art in our creative practices and we hope you will, too. Warm regards, Fiona Scruggs, Choreographer and Founder

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