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A Year in Review: Qualia Dance Collective 2023

Three new works. Three indoor performances. Three outdoor performances. And many moments of dancing joy. As the year comes to a close and we reflect on the new work, inspirations, and moments of connection we had with each other and our audiences, Qualia Dance Collective is incredibly grateful for the opportunities we had to share dance with our community.

Join us in celebrating and reflecting on another year of dance!

JANUARY A new ethos and artistic vision for Qualia Dance Collective was created and shared.



The development of a new work: "The Blue Suit Piece."

We rehearsed at Berkshire Pulse. Thank you, Berkshire Pulse! Check out rehearsal footage below:


The premiere of "The Blue Suit Piece" at The Foundry with fellow local choreographers.

"The Blue Suit Piece" reflects on the emotional wells of dissociation and connection; fleeting moments we seek, but miss; subtle conflicts. Inspired by the oil painting, "Blue Lovers" by Marc Chagall, "The Blue Suit Piece" is a study on one's initial reactions when later met with true intentions


Brainstormed for the summer season. Rehearsed and created in the studio.


Two outdoor performances.

We danced the night away at Berkshire Busk in Great Barrington, MA. For recaps of that evening, check out our Instagram page.

Then, later that month, we premiered a new duet, "Through the Outside Room," at Spirits of Chesterwood with fellow Berkshire Pulse choreographers.


Our Jacob's Pillow Debut.

Performing at Jacob's Pillow was a dream! We had such an amazing time performing on the outdoor Leir Stage, taking in the view and being surrounded by nature as we danced for a wonderful audience. Thank you, Jacob's Pillow!


Check out more photos from our performance here.

We were featured in the Berkshire Edge.


The full article is linked here.

And we were featured in The Albany Times Union.


The link to the full article is here.


“The entire time I was choreographing, I was thinking about being barefoot in the grass and how the movement patterns in your body change when you’re dancing on different surfaces,” she [Fiona Scruggs] said in a recent interview. “I was thinking about the logistics of it, but also about being surrounded by trees, the sun, birds chirping, the rustles of the wind—nature is the backdrop, just as you would have scenery or sets on stage.”


Rest and rehearsals.


Premiere of "Barefoot Dances" at The Foundry.

New work, "Barefoot Dances," is the ethos of the liminal space between a dream and a scream. This work premiered at The Foundry on a program of other repertoire from Qualia Dance Collective.

We were featured in The Berkshire Edge Bits & Bytes.


The link to the write-up is here.


The Wandering Dance Festival

We were excited to participate in the first Wandering Dance Festival, presented by Milltown Foundation in partnership with Jacob's Pillow and Berkshire Pulse, at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, MA.


Check out a glimpse of that performance here.


Rest. Rejuvenate. And Celebrate!

Thank you for a beautiful year of dance. As we go into the new year, we are carrying the qualia of space, time, energy, and art in our creative practices and we hope you will, too. Warm regards, Fiona Scruggs, Choreographer and Founder

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