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It's a new year. And Qualia Dance Collective has evolved it's artistic vision to better reflect and connect our ethos with what we do. Explore more below.


Space. Time. Energy. Art.

Qualia Dance Collective seeks to explore the qualities of space, time, and energy as catalysts for movement and art and performs the choreography of Fiona Scruggs.

Fiona’s background is in ballet, so her movement is grounded in principles of line and technical precision. The work she creates explores creative narratives of visual art and often possesses a surrealist quality, inviting her audience to envision new worlds.

We perform in local venues and festivals to stay connected to our Berkshire neighbors and form stronger bonds with our nearby communities. Dialogues with the audience following performances are integral to engaging with our community and bridging access into the artistic process.

Our work is poetic and classical, smart and inventive. We aim to awaken the imaginations of everyone we meet.

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