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This November: A Series of Dance Improvisations

This month, Qualia Dance Collective is sharing our gratitude for and connection with our local region of the Berkshires through dance improvisation scores created during the early stages of choreographer Fiona Scruggs's artistic processes in the Berkshires.

In October 2020, when indoor performances weren't an option, we improvised and danced outside in our beautiful, autumnal backyard of the Berkshires. Fiona Scruggs led this dance improvisation project with collaborators Veronica Bone, Erin Mahoney, Olivia Martin, and Sarah Daunt at Beartown State Forest and Umpachene Falls. Fiona's inspiration for this project was connecting with the changing fall foliage in our Berkshire region, seeing it as a time for embracing new beginnings, remembering and honoring where you have been and what you have learned, and expressing gratitude through movement for the environment and region in which we are so thankful to create and share dance with our community.

During the month of November, we are sharing the improvisations and collaborative choreography we created two years ago. These videos are available on our Instagram page.

Check out what we've shared so far in the series and stay tuned on our social media channels for the next excerpts.

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